Melania, Who Wore ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket, Preaches Compassion To Kids

“Show respect to each other. Treat your community like your family, and look out for one another. Kindness, compassion and positivity are very important traits in life.”

The first lady made headlines last week for her poor choice in clothing when she made an unannounced trip to the nation's southern border to meet with children who had been separated as a result of her husband, President Donald Trump’s policies.

The $39 statement Zara jacket, with the slogan “I really don't care, do u,” broke the internet with people asserting the big, bold letters on Melania Trump’s clothes were indicative of her true sentiments for the immigrant children.

While Trump’s tone-deaf fashion statement was still rounding the social media, she made another public appearance where she preached to students how “kindness, compassion and positivity are important traits in life.”

"You have the power to be the positive force in so many people’s lives," said Trump said during a surprise visit to the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) conference.

SADD, an organization which was founded in 1981, aims to prevent students from taking potentially destructive decisions— an agenda which apparently resonates with FLOTUS’s “Be Best” campaign, that’s about adult assisting children to be their best selves.

“Show respect to each other. Treat your community like your family, and look out for one another. “That is why I am here today. I believe in SADD's mission of empowering you to confront the risks and pressures you are challenged with every day,” said Trump while addressing an audience of 450 students and adults.

“Kindness, compassion and positivity are very important traits in life,” she continued. “It is far easier to say nothing than it is to speak words of kindness. It is easier to judge quickly than to take time to understand. It is often easier to see a glass half empty rather than half full.”

Trump’s life lessons earned her a standing ovation from the crowd which also reportedly chanted “USA! USA!”

The FLOTUS might repeatedly express concerns for the emotional, physical and social health of kids but the fact remains her husband is the one who is in a dire need of lessons on “compassion” and “kindness.” Considering the ongoing crisis of detainment of immigrant kids, the POTUS seems to be devoid of any sensitivity for kids who don’t belong on this side of the border.

Social media users also took to Twitter to point out how Trump’s words sound empty when her husband is callously ripping families apart at the border.





Banner Image Credits: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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