Melania Trump Dismisses Donald's Lewd Comments As 'Boy Talk'

Melania Trump, the GOP presidential candidate's wife, blamed Billy Bush for her husband's sexist comments saying he was "egged on" into "boy talk."

First it was "locker room talk," now it's "boy talk." Melania Trump commented on her husband's sexist and profane audio recordings during an interview with CNN.

A 2005 audio recording came to light in the past few weeks featuring Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, trying to have sex with married women, and generally appalling listeners to the point that many in the GOP have been dropping their candidate out of embarrassment and disgust. 

Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has seen a surge in support since the comments were aired, thanks in large part to women voters who were outraged by Trump's degrading comments.

Amid the chaotic death throes of Trump's campaign, Melania Trump tried to smooth things over with CNN's Anderson Cooper. Melania Trump claims that her husband was "egged on" by Bush, although the audio shows clearly that Donald Trump's comments were unsolicited and encouraged only by Bush's contemptible laughter. Melania states, "He was lead on, like egg[sic] on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff."

Melania Trump goes on to make the despicable assertion that Donald's comments amount to nothing but "boy talk." Melania equates his words to young boys "talking about the girls," both infantilizing and excusing her 70-year-old husband for his actions. Melania Trump's comments imply that there are special, masculine spaces where joking about assault should be permissible.

While the idea that a child would brag about assaulting people seems simply unbelievable, Melania Trump chooses not to speak to the most important aspect of the leaked audio, which Donald Trump himself fully acknowledges. Donald Trump claims that he can do whatever he wants because he's "famous," which is exactly why he continues to brush off all of the accusations of assault that have received media attention since the tapes were released. It is his power as an icon which protects him and in turn, makes his alleged crimes as a predator so ominous.

Of course, the internet responded immediately with the brilliant hashtag, #BillyBushMadeMeDoIt, mocking Melania Trump's attempt to pawn responsibility off of Donald Trump and his presidential bid.

Some pointed out that if Trump can't stand up to the encouragement of a TV host, then he is unlikely to make a very effective commander in chief.

Other tweets blame Bush for all of the other mistakes made throughout Trump's presidential bid and his career.

The nail in the coffin of Melania Trump's ineffectual attempt to cover for Donald is the fact that she claims she has "never" heard her husband use the words said in the video. A year's worth of exposure to Donald Trump's appalling vocabulary is bound to make viewers think twice about trusting Mrs. Trump's  report.

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