Melania Trump Tries To Steal Clinton's New Anti-Bullying Campaign

Melania Trump says she will start an anti-bullying campaign the same day that Hillary Clinton releases her extensive "Better Than Bullying" plan.

Has Melania Trump been caught in another awkward act of plagiarism or did her attempt to distract from Hillary Clinton's latest announcement just blow up in her face?

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton proposed a comprehensive initiative today to provide $500 million to fund anti-bullying efforts across the country. Melania Trump just so happened to choose this morning to suggest an anti-bullying program.

Clinton launched "Better Than Bullying" with a heartfelt ad featuring a young man named Bryce who shares what Donald Trump's unkind words have meant to him as someone living with a disability.

Bryce references Trump mocking a disabled journalist and says, "I don't want bullies in my life, and I especially don't want one in the White House."

Clinton's plan would create new anti-bullying legislature, offer better behavioral health education in schools, find cyberbullying solutions, and offer mental health support for victims of childhood bullying and their families.

Unbelievably, Melania told George Stephanopoulos of ABC this morning that her first act as First Lady would be to start an anti-bullying program. Her ideas, however, were clearly not as fleshed out as Clinton's, who has obviously been planning "Better Than Bullying" for a while.

"I see now in [sic] 21st century, the social media, it's very damaging for the children," Melania observed. "We need to guide them and teach them about social media because I see a lot of negativity on it and we need to help them."

Melania Trump's suggestion of championing kindness— on social media of all things— seems laughable when you look at her husband's Twitter history and his offensive comments throughout his presidential campaign.

Even more unbelievable is that Melania would innocently propose this plan on the same day that Hillary Clinton outright calls Donald a bully and announces an initiative to address a problem that is directly related to Trump's campaign rhetoric. Children of color have been suffering more than ever as a result of the bigoted language Trump has used as he runs for an office which so many children look up to.

Melania Trump's attempts to gloss over or take credit for Clinton's new plan are incredibly transparent. After plagiarizing a speech from First Lady Michelle Obama and now trying to outshine Clinton, Melania needs to stop stealing from former First Ladies—and hopeful first female presidents— and get some ideas of her own.

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