The Interesting Theory Why Melania Trump’s Website Was Deleted

Nearly a week after being accused of plagiarizing whole paragraphs from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, Melania Trump is caught up in yet another controversy.

Melania Trumps

In case you didn’t know, Melania Trump, wife of the notorious, foul-mouthed Republican presidential nominee, had a professional website.

But before you go and try to visit it to find out what it looks like, you should know that the link in question,, no longer exists.

That’s right. The website, as most people just recently discovered, was created in 2012 and used for Trump’s “business and professional interests.”

Then suddenly, this week, disappeared from the Internet. The Huffington Post  was the first to notice.

Although Trump gave an 11-word reason behind the surprising move, it didn’t really help since it was as vague and confusing as most of her husband’s campaign speeches so far:


However, the decision to remove the website might not be abrupt after all.

In fact, it was pulled just days after the Huffington Post and several other news outlets pointed out how its biography section listed Trump’s undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana, in Slovenia – which she, apparently, doesn’t have.

Melania Trumps website

An unauthorized biography called "Melania Trump: The Inside Story" asserts that Trump left school only a year after enrolling in order to pursue her budding modeling career.

The website controversy comes almost a week after Trump was accused of plagiarizing a huge chunk of her Republican National Convention speech from Michelle Obama’s 2008 address to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Meanwhile, if you now click on, it redirects you to a home page for Donald Trump’s golf resorts and other luxury properties. 

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