Melania's Nudge Reminds Trump To Put Hand Over Heart During Anthem

President Donald Trump's patriotic immigrant wife had to nudge him during the national anthem so that he remembered to put his hand over his heart.

melania trump,donald trumpFollowing a tradition established in 1878, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump kicked off the annual Easter egg roll at the White House Monday. But as the national anthem rolled out, Trump failed to do one simple thing: Put his hand over his heart.

Noticing her husband had failed to catch up, Melania nudged the president in a gesture that promptly reminded him what he had to do next.



People on social media were quick to notice, taking the trolling of the president to Twitter.




Calling it the "best nudge ever," many were in awe at his lack of respect, while others were just cracking some jokes.





Some even noted that Melania, an immigrant, was the one who had to remind the president he had to put his hand over his heart.



And others pointed out that, if this had happened with President Barack Obama, conservatives would react much more negatively — especially if Michelle were an immigrant.




Regardless of what would have happened under different circumstances, it's surely nice to see that, at least in this case, the immigrant wife is showing more enthusiasm in following American traditions by saluting the anthem than the actual American president. But to those who are wondering, that isn't the exception.

According to the General Social Survey, immigrants and Hispanics often display patriotic feelings that are virtually identical to those displayed by Americans. So the idea that immigrants wouldn't be as dedicated to following American traditions is just baloney.

As you can see, your birthplace won't necessarily determine allegiances or patriotism.

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