Memphis Woman Rejected A Man, So He Shot Her 3-Year-Old

Demonstrating the epitome of male privilege, a man in Memphis shot a three-year-old child multiple times after a woman rejected his advances.


In a horrific and tragic instance of gun violence, a man gunned down a three-year-old child after being rejected by her mother.

The child is now fighting for her life in a hospital, while the gunman is on the run.

According to police reports, the mother brought her daughter with her to an apartment complex where she had an appointment to do another woman’s hair. The gunman was in this apartment and made advances on the mother, who rebuffed him.

He later fired into the mother’s car where the child was sitting, and the three-year-old was shot multiple times before being rushed to a hospital.

A parent living in the apartment complex, Elisha Rushing, said that, "It makes me want to cry because it shouldn't have happened."

Another parent, Elijah Sledge, commented that, “You know that little girl is fighting for her life right now just because a young man doesn't know how to take rejection."

Sledge and Rushing are right—this incident embodies America’s pervasive patriarchal culture that has led to numerous incidents similar to this. In this case, there were fortunately no fatalities, but it proves that something needs to drastically change.

Banner Image Credit: Pixabay, MakyFoto 

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