Two Attendees Take Knee During National Anthem At Trump’s WH Event

"Stop hiding behind the armed services and the national anthem!" yelled a man at the president while kneeling during the national anthem at Trump’s White House.


The White House hosted an impromptu “Celebration of America” event in lieu of  the canceled visit from the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles – and it failed rather spectacularly.

Where on one hand the internet roasted President Donald Trump for hosting a patriotism party and not being able to remember the lyrics to “God Bless America” – a song that honors the country, a television reporter also posted a video of the event in which a white man was kneeling as the United States Marine Band played“The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The unidentified man, who took the knee, was recorded by a journalist from Sweden’s national public television broadcaster, who later tried to get some comments from him but the man didn’t entertain the press and left after the anthem ended.

Shortly after, a CNN reporter posted a picture of another attendee who knelt during the anthem and also yelled at Trump, which prompted the crowd nearby to boo at him.

"Stop hiding behind the armed services and the national anthem. Let's hear it for the Eagles!" shouted the man, who was standing about 15 yards from the president.


The internet wasted no time in pointing out how the president disinvited the Eagles because he apparently wanted to avoid the embarrassment of hosting a smaller delegation of players, but his replacement event turned out to be an even bigger embarrassment.   





After the anthem, Trump spoke to the crowd for nearly three minutes, in which he talked about the importance of standing for the national anthem and didn’t mention the Eagles or NFL once.

The POTUS’ ignorance really is astounding, as he went through the whole trouble of orchestrating an entire spectacle just to show how patriotic he was and ended up making a fool of himself when he struggled to remember the words to “God Bless America.”

People on Twitter highlighted who the real patriot is: NFL players who kneel to protest the racial injustice in the country or a president who keeps proving he is nothing but a hypocrite.





Moreover, the Super Bowl champions didn’t really need some fake patriot to celebrate their victories when they had other lawmakers welcoming them to the Capitol Hill when the president rescinded an invitation to the White House.


Banner Image Credits: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

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