Hungarian Politician Thinks Pig Heads Are Kryptonite For Muslims

Gyorgy Schopflin has an absurd suggestion on how to keep asylum seekers away from Hungary — and it's as xenophobic as it sounds.

Gyorgy Schopflin

As if erecting a vast razor sharp barb-wire border fence wasn’t enough to discourage migrants, now a Member of the European Parliament, Gyorgy Schopflin, suggested that placing severed pig heads in the path of refugees would be a much more effective deterrent. 

Schopflin, who ironically sits on the committee of foreign affairs, responded to a tweet by Human Rights Watch director Andrew Stroehlein. The tweet contained criticism for Hungarian security forces for making crude scarecrows from vegetables in an absurd attempt to ward off migrants.



Schopflin tweeted in response, “Might do so. Human images are haram. But agree, pig's head would deter more effectively.”




“Your words are disgusting. I expect that from anonymous neo-Nazi trolls. But you're an MEP. Act like one,” Stroehlein slammed Schopflin.

“Your sick call for pig heads to try to scare desperate people fleeing wars? That's how an MEP should talk?” he added in a later tweet.



However, instead of taking heed to the human rights activist’s words and apologizing, Schopflin said Stroehlein’s remarks “were beginning to resemble hate speech.”

Many others turned to social media to mock the xenophobic MEP stating it was a “shame” people like him represented Hungary.







Hungary has been criticized previously for its reluctance to take on more refugees and its harsh attitude toward them. The country’s politicians have argued the integration of refugees would compromise Hungary’s culture, not to mention cost them a vast amount of resources.

However, the financial concerns have not stopped them from spending an exorbitant amount of money in erecting a fence and deploying 1,500 security personnel to the country’s border with Serbia to deny entry to the incoming asylum-seekers.

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