Widower Receives Warning Over His 'Message In A Bottle' Quest For Love

A concerned beachgoer wrote her own message to the lovelorn widower, asking him to stop sending out his messages in bottles.


Craig Sullivan, a widower from Swansea, Wales, reportedly cast hundreds of messages in bottles into the sea in his quest to find a partner.

A woman named Helen Gill eventually wrote him back, however, the reply was not quite what the lovelorn man had expected.

Following the death of his wife Julia from breast cancer nearly 18 months ago, Sullivan set out to find a soulmate, inspired by the Police song "Message in a Bottle."

As per the Telegraph, he threw 200 bottles in the River Cree in Dumfries and Galloway. Here's what his note in the bottles said:

“If you’re a lady looking for love, then today we might be the luckiest two people on the planet. I’d like to think there’s a good reason this bottle ended up in your hands. Please get in touch or pass the message on.”

However, Sullivan's romantic gesture prompted criticism after several beachgoers came across the bottles along Rhossili Bay, near Swansea.

Gill, who was one of the critics, wrote a message of her own to Sullivan, asking him to stop sending out his notes in bottles.

"I went for a beach walk and we came across about 30 glass bottles with lids. They had lots of messages inside about finding love. It may be romantic, but what is it doing to the environment?" she told the Telegraph.

It didn't turn out all that bad for Sullivan, though. He has received 50 messages in response to his messages, the BBC reports.

"I am genuinely sorry for upsetting people, but I do not regret what I did," he said.

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