This Mexican Woman Returned Her US Visa Because Of Donald Trump

“I'm returning my visa voluntarily because I'm offended by your new President Donald Trump's attitude towards my country, Mexico, and its people.”

Despite what President Donald Trump likes to think, not every single person in Mexico is dying to cross the border into the United States — including 59-year-old Alma Siller, who actually went to the U.S. consulate to return her visa.

For those wondering why, well, she did not want to go to the country whose leader referred to Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals.”

Siller, who lives in a small Mexican town nearly two hours south of the border called Hermosillo, quite frequently used her tourist visa to go on shopping trips and see family members living in Arizona, Las Vegas and New York.

However, she recently walked into the U.S. consulate in her town and told the stunned staff members that she wanted to revoke her documents.

“I've come to do something rather unusual. I want to return my visa,” she informed them.

Siller also brought along a handwritten letter to explain the situation.

“I'm returning my visa voluntarily because I'm offended by your new President Donald Trump's attitude towards my country, Mexico, and its people,” she wrote.  “This is my way of protesting and expressing my support for my beloved country and its inhabitants.”

The woman plans to obtain a new visa once Trump leaves the White House. However, if she fails to get one, she would not be disappointed.

“If I get it, great. If not it's fine too, my decision is made,” the letter continued.

Siller, who has reportedly become a local celebrity due to her courage, is humbled by the response, but she also doesn’t expect others to follow in her footsteps.

“Every person has to follow his or her own soul. I wouldn't ask anybody to return their visas, not even my children,” she concluded.

Mexican Woman Returned Her US Visa

As the BBC reports, Siller was deeply offended by Trump’s controversial remarks aimed at Mexicans during his contentious election campaign.

“I told my husband ‘that's not right, imagine if he becomes president,’” she recalled saying at the time. “If that happens I'll return my visa.”

During a presidential debate last year, Trump sparked controversy with his infamous “bad hombres” comment while talking about deporting undocumented Mexican immigrants.

Then there was his proposal to build a “big, beautiful wall” along the country’s southern border to keep people from entering the United States without permission. What’s more, the billionaire promised his bigoted and racist supporters he would make Mexico pay for the billion-dollar structure.

It was an incredulous demand that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has since shot down repeatedly.

Recently, during a phone conversation with Nieto, the business mogul repeated his offensive “bad hombres” comment and allegedly suggested he would force him to pay for the wall with a 10 percent tax on Mexican imports and 35 percent on those imports “that hurt Mexico the most.”

As if that was not enough to ruin decades of bipartisan relationships, Trump reportedly hinted the U.S. would send its military to deal with Mexico’s ongoing drug problem if they are not able to do the job properly.

Now that he has irked both Australia and Mexico, the new president needs to be careful about alienating any other foreign leaders, because if he continues to do so, the U.S. will end up like that kid in the cafeteria whom no one wants to sit with.

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