Man Beaten, Told To ‘Go Back To Mexico,’ Just Before He Went Missing

The man reportedly came forward to tell the woman to “have some respect.” That’s when the customer turned and attacked him.


A man tried to defend a 7-Eleven store clerk from a racist tirade. For his efforts, he got horribly assaulted. Now, he’s missing.

Frank Martinez was at the Los Angeles store when a female customer started yelling at the store clerk. According to Myra Olvera, another customer who recorded the incident, the woman became angry because the clerk told her she needed to help the long line of customers before she could heat up her food.

However, the woman got angry at the employee and started hurling abusive slurs at her.

“Go back to Mexico. You're fat and you're ugly,” said the customer, according to Olvera. The female customer also hurled expletives at other customers in the store for being “f***ing Mexicans.”

As the woman lost control, Martinez, who was watching the entire scene, reportedly came forward to tell the woman to “have some respect.” That’s when the customer turned to him and attacked the 59-year-old man.

The video shows the woman shouting at Martinez, kicking over his baggage, while her male companion pummeled him with punches.

Other customers and security personnel just stood by and watched the woman and man abuse Martinez, but not one of them intervened.

At some point, a customer tried to get the man in the security uniform break up the fight, however, the woman screamed, “He's a f***ing traffic officer ... he can't touch me.”

Olvera and the store clerk didn’t interfere because they were afraid the violent couple may be armed. The store clerk also reported Martinez was cut on the head during the incident.

After their assault, the couple went out and by the time cops arrived, Martinez had also left.

Olvera said the man was probably afraid and did not want to report the assault. However, when she posted the video online, Martinez’s sister identified him. His relatives said they had tried to contact Martinez several times, to no avail. This was alarming because, despite 15 years on the street, Martinez always remained in touch. He is now missing.

“I don't know where he's at and I want them to find him,” said his sister, Dahlia Martinez, emotionally. “I want them to get justice for these people for what they did to my brother.”

She also said Martinez has been depressed ever since one of their sisters died. The Los Angeles Police Department has not released any information about the incident. Even though police arrived at the store, no report was filed in connection to the assault.

Martinez’s family has reportedly filed a missing persons report and hopes the man will be found safely.

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