Harrowing Video Shows Mother Drag Disabled Daughter Down The Street

The disabled girl was dragged down the street by her arm and hair, and although passersby filmed the incident, no one stepped forward to help.

A video clip recorded by two onlookers passing by a street in Ruiz, Western Mexico, shows a mother heartlessly dragging her disabled daughter down a dusty road, holding her by the hair.

The woman had just picked up her child from a social services centre for troubled youngsters, where she receives therapy. Apparently, the teenage girl didn’t want to leave the place, upon which her mother dragged her out.

The two women filming the distressing video can be heard requesting the mother to stop treating her child so roughly.

“She is treating her daughter like a dog,” one said.

“Stand up or she'll drag you until you get home,” the other woman told the girl.

It is not clear what prevented the teenager from standing up or defending herself against her mother. Although the women recording the footage seemed concerned, none of them went up-close to the mother-daughter duo to rescue the girl.

During the video, the mother can be seen pulling the girl by her arm on many instances, and at one point she even stops for a few seconds, but goes on to haul the girl again.

The footage has now been passed on to the police who are looking into the incident.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to get in touch with the authorities at the center and teach the cruel mother a lesson for mistreating her disabled child. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Flickr, Josh Beam

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