Meeting With Trump Is Making Mexican President Nieto Look Really Bad

As Trump basks in the glory of having visited Mexico after repeatedly calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists, things are not looking good for Pena Nieto.

Nominee Trump

It is certainly not an exaggeration to say that Donald Trump is the most-hated person in Mexico.

And why not? After all, the U.S. Republican presidential nominee has repeatedly insulted Mexicans by calling them drug dealers, criminals and rapists over the course of his nearly 14-month campaign.

On top of that, Trump has vowed to build wall along the southern border  and have Mexico pay for it.

And as if saying all these vile things once wasn’t bad enough, Trump has unapologetically reiterated his offensive statements over and over again.

In fact, Trump might be the only person more unpopular in Mexico than the country's own president.

“Then why in the world did Mexican President Pena Nieto invite Trump to meet him?” is the question that’s haunting a lot of people  especially Mexicans  after the pair’s awkward meeting in Mexico City this week.

Trump had almost an hour-long discussion with Nieto behind closed doors at his official presidential residence and office at Los Pinos.

Then both the men came outside for a press conference  an event that essentially breathed new life into Trump’s stalling campaign at home and spelled disaster for Nieto.

Here’s why: President Nieto is not exactly a popular leader. Actually, according to an April survey, he is “officially the most hated president in the history of Mexico.”

Citing numbers from Mexican newspaper Reforma, NBC News reported Nieto’s approval ratings dropped to 23 percent this week, which according to the publication, are the “lowest approval rating for a president since the paper began polling in 1995.”

Quite understandably, the dismal approval ratings along with Nieto’s failure to demand a well-deserved apology from Trump during his visit have prompted nationwide outrage in Mexico.

In fact, a lot of Mexicans have referred to Nieto’s silent demeanor during the presser with the U.S. presidential candidate as a “national humiliation.”

"This is an insult and a betrayal," artist Arturo Meade told the New York Times during a protest planned ahead of the meeting. "What can this meeting bring us except surrealism in all its splendor?"

"The humiliation is now complete," Televisa news anchor Carlos Loret de Mola tweeted after the meeting.

Univision and Fusion news anchor Jorge Ramos, who was infamously thrown out of an event for Trump last year, has also shared his disappointment in a series of tweets.

Ramos slammed Nieto, in particular, for his “weak and shy” response to Trump’s vile rhetoric against Mexicans:



And these are just some of the initial heated reactions to President Nieto’s meeting with the media mogul.

Meanwhile, Trump has been basking in the glory of successfully holding a bilateral meeting in a country he insulted multiple times.

It’s important to mention here that prior to this trip, Trump’s campaign was struggling to remain afloat in a vast ocean of politically incorrect gaffes committed by the candidate over the past year  most detrimental of them being Trump’s spat with the family of a fallen U.S. war hero.

And while Trump will most definitely continue to make the most of his Mexico trip, Nieto will have to face very tough questions, most crucial of which is "what in the world were you thinking?"

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