Man Stripped, Forced To March Naked Amid Mexico Gas Price Protest

A man allegedly looting a local department store in a small Mexican town was stripped and forced to march naked during gas price hike protest.

A man was caught on camera parading naked through the streets of Mexico after the residents stripped him down for allegedly raiding a departmental store amid the ongoing gas price protests across the country.

The Mexican government drew public’s ire when it decided to hike gas prices by 20 percent on New Year’s Day.

The cost per gallon of unleaded fuel, which was $2.60 on Dec. 31, was up by 14 percent the next day, increasing to $2.95, while the price of premium fuel rose by 20 percent, according to Los Angeles times.  

President Enrique Peña Nieto said the increase is a "responsible measure for the stability of the economy."

However, the sudden rise in gas prices caused a huge outrage in at least three Mexican states, state oil company Pemex said in a statement.

Mexicans mounted heavy protests, blocking highways, terminals and roads to intensity the situation. While some of the protests were peaceful, most of them were messy, making it easy for robbers to raid and steal from the residents.

Mexico Gas Price Protest

Looters raided department stores, supermarkets and gas stations to steal oil.


Mexico Gas Price Protest

Recently, irritated residents joined in a small town of Progresso de Obregon to end the miserable looting spree, taking justice in their own hands. A group of vigilantes decided to chase off around 100 plunderers attempting to raid a local departmental store.

A man believed to be a thief was caught on camera marching naked on streets after being stripped down.

In an effort to stop this critical situation, the Mexican president asked the protestors to calm down — but failed miserably.

Veracruz’s state government offered a $20,000 reward for anyone that can provide information leading to the arrest of the demonstrators.

Mexico Gas Price Protest

Many believe these protests are deliberately organized by groups supporting the government, to distract people from the gas price hike.

“Maybe the looting is being organized as an excuse to militarize our streets,” tweeted Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro.

"We have found that the federal executive spends more than what the legislature approves," remarked Edna Jaime, director of public-policy think tank México Evalúa.

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