Flying Patio Furniture Freaks Out Men During Thunderstorm

A bunch of boys found it extremely hilarious when they saw their neighbor’s furniture flying out of their apartment onto the streets, and decided to film it.

A video captured of a thunderstorm in Miami shows furniture flying through the air and landing on the street, many floors below, as laughter can be heard in the background.

Apparently, a group of boys were watching the thunderstorm when they noticed their neighbor’s patio furniture uprooting and flying across the street as easily as paper would.

Instead of alerting their neighbors of the happenings in their apartment, the boys remained where they were and filmed a video, as they screamed in amazement.

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A light furniture managed to lift off where it was placed and travel over six lanes of traffic before landing. Fortunately it did not fall on any cars passing by, and caused no damage to people or property.

Numerous floods and thunderstorms have devastated areas around the globe, including Australia, Paris, Indonesia and parts of the United States, in the past few months. While people and their furniture, cars, and belongings were seen floating through the streets, an incident like the one above is a rare occurrence.

Harsh weather may mean it is better for people to stay indoors and be careful of their surroundings.

In another recent incident, a baby sleeping in his room in West Point, Georgia was killed after a tree fell on their house due to severe storms. The child was immediately pronounced dead.

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