'Your Son's Dating A F*****g N****r': TV Producer Harasses Neighbor

“Except for your f***ing son who’s dating a f***ing n**ger,” a woman yelled at her neighbor during a parking argument.

WSVN Producer Caught Using N Word from Gossip Extra on Vimeo.

In yet another display of blatant racism, a Miami TV news producer was caught on video spewing racial epithets at her neighbor while arguing about a street parking in front of her house.

Robin Cross was caught on camera abusing her neighbor. She even used the n-word, only to claim later that she “lost her cool.”

“You don’t f***ing own the road,” she yelled at her neighbor Robert Fenton, who was apparently blocking her driveway.

In the video recorded by Fenton, she furthers her attacks and launches racial slurs at her neighbor. “Yes, I used the word f*cking if you haven’t heard it before,” Cross yelled. “Except for your f*cking son who’s dating a f*cking n**ger.”

“Hmm, I said it out loud,” she said before walking off. “Finally.”

Fenton’s son, who is an attorney, wrote to the racist woman’s station manager demanding her termination.

“Your employee reduced my girlfriend to nothing other than a slur based off of the color of her skin last night,” Avery Fenton wrote to WSVN news director Tony Gonzalez. 

WSVN-Channel 7 has placed the news reporter on leave pending an investigation in the situation disclosed by the video, which was first reported by The Miami Herald.

According to sources close to Cross, the 49-year-old has been in a dispute with her neighbors over parking in front of her house for four years, when she moved to Fort Lauderdale’s Isle of Venice Drive.

According to the Herald, Cross tried to defend herself after telling her employer she simply “lost her cool” in the argument filmed by Fenton, and that the neighbor and “his family have been harassing her about parking near their house.”

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