Video Shows White Judge Grabbing Black Woman By The Neck

The judge was caught on video grabbing a black woman by her neck before dragging her back to the court. After the video became viral, he resigned.


A Hamilton County Common Pleas Court magistrate resigned after a video of him, in which he can be seen chasing and then grabbing a black woman by her neck, became public.

The magistrate judge from Ohio claimed he was forced to resign.

Michael Bachman said he was left with no choice but to either “resign or be terminated” as a result of the courtroom incident.

“I think the video speaks for itself,” Bachman said while defending his actions. “I didn’t choke her or manhandle her. I merely put my hand up to guide her to the courtroom.”

In the video, Bachman can be seen running after 28-year-old Kassandra Jackson. When he caught her,  he put his hand around her neck from behind the woman’s shoulder, before bringing her back to the courtroom and making her sit in the jury box.

Before Jackson stormed out of the courtroom, she had tried to file a protective order. However, staffers told her she was late and missed the 8 a.m. deadline. That’s when she got upset and left.

Bachman approached her and apparently embroiled in an argument with the woman. Both of them started walking towards the courtroom. After he seated Jackson in the jury box, two officers came to arrest her, as the judge told her she was being arrested for contempt of court.

The woman can be seen trying to resist but the officers put her in handcuffs. Jackson resisted even after being placed in handcuffs, as the officers reportedly dragged her down hallways and elevators to the Justice Center before placing her in a chair.

Backman sentenced Jackson for seven days in jail, but her sentence was reduced to two days after presiding Judge Kim Wilson Burke ordered the contempt charge.

It is pertinent to notice that the woman was already scared of someone and hence wanted a protective order and then whatever the judge did naturally terrified her even more.

After the video was made public, Backman said he ran after the woman because she was screaming very loudly in the courtroom and he couldn’t hear an attorney question a witness. He also said he was only trying to guide the woman, when she was about to take a wrong turn while going to the court room.

It is pertinent to note that if that really was the case, why was Backman’s hand still on the woman’s shoulder for 23 seconds even after they entered the court room.

Two longtime Hamilton County judges said they can’t remember a time when a judge or magistrate charged out of a courtroom and pursued someone down a hallway, pointed at them, talked to them before literally manhandling them from the hallway to a chair in the courtroom. 

People were disgruntled over Backman’s behavior.










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