Michael Flynn Puts Home On The Market To Pay Mounting Legal Fees

Michael Flynn is selling his three-bedroom townhome in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, to pay for the legal debt he has accumulated amid the Russia probe.

Split image of President Donald Trump (L) and Michael Flynn (R)

Things are not going very well for former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Since pleading guilty last year to lying to the FBI about his Russian connections, he has resorted to putting his home in Virginia on the market to pay his steep legal fees, ABC News reports.

The 13-year-old, three-bedroom townhome is located in Old Town Alexandria and was purchased by Flynn three years ago. He put it up for sale back in December, asking for $895,000 for the property. His brother, Joe Flynn, confirmed that he plans to use the money from selling the home to pay for his legal defense.

After stepping down from President Donald Trump's administration, Flynn retreated to his hometown of Middletown, Rhode Island, where he has been grappling with the ongoing investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat it; this has been a trying experience” for Flynn and his wife, Lori, his youngest brother told ABC News. "It has been a crucible, and it's not over."

Flynn’s brother, Joe, and other family members set up a defense fund for him to raise donations from his supporters, but it is unclear how much has been raised. However, it must not be nearly enough if he has to sell his Virginia home.

As ABC News notes, it is not uncommon for legal fees in high-profile criminal investigations to soar.

“Six figures is not at all unusual in a big case like this,” said Solomon Wisenberg, who served as deputy independent counsel in the obstruction of justice probe of former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky and his alleged ties to Whitewater.

By pleading guilty, “I guarantee Flynn saved himself a lot of money,” he added.

Flynn’s friend, Michael Ledeen — who is a historian and commentator — said that the debt is not what prompted Flynn to plead guilty.

“I think he wanted to stop the pain,” he said.

While this is an unfortunate state of affairs for Flynn and his family, he ultimately has no one to blame but himself. He knowingly risked his livelihood and his integrity when he lied to federal agents to protect himself and Trump. Yet, unsurprisingly, the president didn't hesitate to throw him under the bus when things began to unravel. 

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