Millennial Evicted From Parents' Home Owes Thousands In Child Support

He reportedly paid $920 a year in car insurance for nonfunctional cars and paid thousands of dollars for a storage unit but said he was too broke to pay child support.



A man, who was ordered by a judge to immediately evict his parents’ home after his they filed a lawsuit against him, reportedly owes the mother of his son child support.

Michael Rotundo, 30, reportedly owes the single mother about $2,500 in child support. At first, he had to pay $25 a month in child support. However, in 2016, the woman, who requested anonymity, filed a case in Onondaga County Family Court where she asked the child support to be raised.

Rotundo did his best to keep the amount at minimum because he said he can’t afford to pay child support.

However, the court accepted the woman’s request and increased the child support to $56 a week after it found out about the man’s expenses. Julie Cecile, the judge added his expenses “completely undermined” the claim that he was too broke to pay child support.

According to court filings, he reportedly paid $920 a year in car insurance for a Camaro and a Volkswagen Passat station wagon – both the cars were nonfunctional.  Not only that, he also paid thousands of dollars for a storage unit in Camillus, New York.

“When questioned why he did not sell such belongings, he claimed that they had no value except sentimental, and that he had no legitimate answer for the obvious question of why it made sense to spend more than $9,000 over the last five years to store valueless belongings, at the same time asserting that he could not afford to pay support for his son,” read the court ruling.

In a separate custody case of the child, Rotundo said he had applied for jobs but later failed to produce records of his job search in court. He also didn’t attend a “parent support program” that would have helped him finding a job.

That not all. After finally moving out of his parents’ house, Rotundo called cops on his father because he didn’t let him collect his son’s Lego from the home’s basement.  

In May 2018, Rotondo was ordered to immediately evict his parents’ home in central New York. In a series of letters filed with the court, his parents, Mark and Christina Rotondo, asked their son to leave the family house. According to the court complaint, the man has refused to leave the house despite several letters from his parents asking to do so.

State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood tried to convince Michael to leave his family home but he refused to do so.

However, the 30-year-old, who represented himself in court, demanded six more months at the family house with his parents. Greenwood termed this demand “outrageous” and ordered him to evict the house.

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