CNN Anchor Confronts GOPer Over Unverified Planned Parenthood Claim

The CNN anchor didn’t let the GOP lawmaker get away with his unsubstantiated claim about Delta Airlines giving discounts to Planned Parenthood.

Georgia state Sen. Michael Williams (R) learned a valuable lesson about getting his facts right after CNN's Brianna Keilar confronted him over false information during a live interview.

Delta Airlines joined the growing list of companies ending their services to the National Rifle Association amid growing pressure from gun control advocates. The move has prompted many state lawmakers, including Williams, to oppose a multimillion dollar fuel tax break, which had been under debate, for the airline.

Delta ended its discount program for members of NRA members. The withdrawal is not sitting well with NRA-supporting lawmakers such as Williams, as he bashed the companies, which have cut ties with the gun lobby, calling it a “shameful display of political and civic cowardice.”

During his exchange with Keilar, Williams claimed Delta Airlines gives discounts to Parental Parenthood.

“If [Delta Airlines is] going to pull the discount for NRA members, why not pull for Planned Parenthood or some of the left organizations out there?” Williams asked.

“Where are you getting that, that Delta gives a discount to Planned Parenthood members? I haven’t seen that anywhere. I’ve seen allegations of that on right-wing blogs, I’ve been able to find no verification of that. We have people looking at that. Where are you getting that?” Keilar interjected.

Williams came up with an unconvincing response that he and other Georgia state senators “looked it up on Google,” but said he didn’t know “the exact source right now.”

“My campaign can get it to you if you need,” he offered Keilar.

“Just to be clear, we have looked it up as well, and it doesn’t appear after some digging that we’ve been able to determine that is actually factual. You’re indicating something that may not be true there,” Keilar replied.

Williams was persistent as he said he “believes very firmly” that Planned Parenthood indeed receives discounts from Delta Airlines. That's when Keilar said, “If you’re making that argument, shouldn’t you have your facts straight?”

There is no formal evidence of Delta providing discounts for Planned Parenthood members, as of yet.

Meanwhile, advocates of gun rights are retaliating against Delta's decision to cut off NRA ties. Georgia’s Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R) tweeted.


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