Michele Bachmann Warns A Clinton Presidency Will Increase Sex Assaults

“Hillary Clinton will set a standard in this country that will lead to even more sexual assaults against women,” Bachmann said during a radio program.

Apparently, if Donald Trump doesn’t become president, the country will have a sex assault crisis — at least according to this former Republican congresswoman.

Michele Bachmann, who was a guest on the American Pastors Network’s “Stand In The Gap” radio show this week, was asked by host Sam Rohrer — himself a Republican and a former Pennsylvania legislator — whether Trump’s sordid history of remorseless sexism was creating a divide within the conservative Christian community, especially after the recent leak of a 2005 audio where the GOP presidential nominee is heard boasting about sexually assaulting women.

Bachmann casually waved off the concern and warned Christians not to listen to the “lies” concocted about Donald Trump by liberals — despite admitting Trump indeed did make lewd, crude remarks to women — and said a Hillary Clinton presidency will only result in more sexual assault in the country.

“I believe that Hillary Clinton will set a standard in this country that will lead to even more sexual assaults against women because she will be setting an anti-biblical agenda,” Bachmann said to Rohrer.

She also referenced Bill Clinton’s scandalous affair in the past and said Trump’s so-called “locker room” comments pale in comparison to Clinton’s actions, which was to “criminally assault women” and for which he has “never paid the price.”

In true Republican style, Rohrer agreed with her and said the attempt to turn Christian men and women away from Trump is really a satanic effort to “divide Christian evangelical homes” — and dubbed it as a “strategy of the left, of the devil.”

“A Hillary Clinton ticket will be all about the things that we love, our freedom and so forth,” he insisted.

Bachmann finished with a warning: “These are lies and we, as Christians, need to recognize that this is a lie and a deception and we need to wake up and resist these lies.”

What will they come up with next time?

Listen to the whole audio below.

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