Child Picked Up By Michelle Mone Turns Out To Be Grown Man

Michelle Mone will never be able to look at a child without thinking he might be a grown man after this extremely weird incident.

Nearly every one of us can recall a super awkward or embarrassing moment from our lives that we just wish could be erased. But for some, getting rid of those memories is not so easy, especially if you’re famous and the incident takes place in front of thousands of people.

British entrepreneur and parliamentarian, Michelle Mone, experienced one of these instances at a public event in Vietnam where she was speaking to around 3,000 people during a mentoring program. A person of small physical stature came up to her to present her with flowers, and to show her appreciation for the kind act, Mone proceeded to lift the boy and pose for a photo with him. However, the situation got really awkward when a woman who was apparently the “boy’s” wife came running toward Mone shouting at her.

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“Most embarrassing moment. Speaking in Vietnam to 3,000 people, thought this was a six year old, picked him up, he’s a MAN,” Mone tweeted, sharing the embarrassing moment with her 1.07million followers.


“Only realized when a woman shouted with laughter ‘that’s my HUSBAND’. Everyone thought it was hilarious, including him,” she continued in another tweet.


In all fairness, give some credit to Mone for admitting to the mishap on social media. Not many of us know how to deal with super awkward situations like this one, and she did handle the situation really well. 

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