Michelle Obama Slams Trump For Dividing America Into ‘Us’ And ‘Them’

“He just doesn’t understand us,” the first lady told a cheering crowd. “Maybe that’s why he calls communities like the ones where I was raised ‘hell.’”

Michelle Obama is not only one of the most incredible first ladies to ever grace the White House, she is also one of the most powerful speakers of our times — a fact she once again proved during Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday.

“The voters decide who wins and loses, period, end of story, and when a presidential candidate threatens to ignore our voices and reject the outcome of this election he is threatening the very idea of America itself and we cannot stand for that,” she began, before admonishing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “You do not keep American democracy in suspense.”

She then explained how Trump’s hateful rhetoric has divided the United States into “us” and “them,” talking about how there are some people who live in their own reality of pent houses and nightclubs, people who are not exposed to the trials and tribulations faced by the less-privileged, the masses.

“It’s easy to dehumanize ‘them.’ To treat ‘them’ with contempt,” Obama said. “Because you don’t know ‘them.’ You can’t even see ‘them.’ And maybe that’s why this candidate thinks certain immigrants are criminals instead of folks who work their fingers to the bone to give their kids a better life, to help build the greatest nation on Earth. Because he doesn’t really know them.”


Without mentioning the racist media mogul by name, FLOTUS slammed his penchant to insult everyone including the immigrants, veterans, Gold Star families, women, disabled, Muslims, African Americans and other minorities.

“He really has no idea who they are,” she continued. “He doesn’t understand that they are us. They are our friends, our family, our neighbors, our colleagues, people of faith just like so many folks around the country.”


Obama also defended the inner city neighborhoods where she grew up, the ones Trump described as “hell.”

“He just doesn’t understand us,” the first lady told the cheering crowd. “Maybe that’s why he calls communities like the ones where I was raised ‘hell.’ Because he can’t see all the decent, hardworking folks like my parents, who took those extra shifts, paid their bills on time, folks who are raising amazing families, sending kids to college. Maybe he doesn’t believe people like us really exist, because he does not see our shared humanity.”

Watch her powerful speech in the video above.

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