Michigan Gov. Candidate Allegedly Left Animals In Shuttered Labs

The Democrat leading the gubernatorial race in Michigan reportedly fought an effort to place over 170 dogs and monkeys at his shuttered lab into sanctuaries.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar is currently taking a lot of heat for his alleged disregard for animals despite claims he tried to save them.

According to a report by the Huffington Post, about 170 dogs and monkeys were rescued from a pharmaceutical testing lab owned by Thanedar, one of the top Democratic competitors for the governor of Michigan.

Azopharma, the parent company of Thanedar’s AniClin Preclinical Services, went bankrupt in 2010, which led him to shutter the New Jersey testing facility.

The facility closed but animals were left inside — and they would have stayed there if the local animal activists hadn’t learned about the 118 beagles stuck there. The animal caretakers had to jump the fence to feed the poor dogs, according to a USA Today report.

In the wake of the stream of animal neglect accusations, Thanedar started the blame game by throwing the Bank of America under the bus. The bank reportedly repossessed the property in April of the same year when the facility shut down. Thanedar said “the bank sought to sell the animals against his advice.”

He also went on to say when the company was placed in receivership by the bank, he warned them about the live animals and ongoing research but they locked them out anyway.

He also went on to say he warned the bank about the animals and the ongoing research but they locked them out anyway. 

"The banks come in and then they are ruthless and that's exactly what they did," Thanedar told Michigan Fox affiliate WJBK.

“I told the bank that there is sensitive research being done ... living animals’ lives involved, and let us take care of it,” he added. “But they did not accept our advice. They were anxious to sell all of the assets and get their money, and they did.”

The Democrat’s claim contradicted the court records, as according to the court-appointed person who was put in charge of the disputed property, he actually tried to put the animals in shelter against Thanedar’s wishes.

Turned out it was the businessman’s attorney who tried to sell the animals.

The resurfaced controversy may dent the reputation of the businessman who has spent millions on TV ads that touts him as top of the race for the Democratic nomination for governor.

It is distressing to think that those hundreds of beagles were not only abandoned but led very isolated lives in small Plexiglas crates where they were subjected to toxicology tests.

Animal rescue groups groups got together and found shelters for the abandoned animals.

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