Middle Schooler Teacher Allegedly Asks Student If He Is A ‘Mutt’

After the unfortunate incident at school, 11-year-old Kaden Brown went home and asked his mother, "Why can’t I be all white?”

Parents of a middle school student are outraged after their child’s teacher asked him a question about his race, using a derogatory term.

11-year-old Kaden Brown claims his language and arts teacher, “a white middle-aged woman,” admired his curls and asked him during class if he was a “mutt,” referring to his biracial background.

Meanwhile, another student, Kaden said, started laughing.

The child’s father, Kevin Brown, wrote a post about the incident on his Facebook account, along with a photo of his son, holding a sign that read: “I’m Not a Mutt!!!” He stated his son came to his mother that day, asking, “Why can’t I be all white?”

“He wants to disown his African-American heritage for his mother’s German, Italian, Irish heritage,” the father posted.

"It can be a racist statement if you're white, Mexican, it doesn't matter what it is, it's a racist statement," Liane Banks, Kaden’s mother, told FOX 2. "A mutt is a dog, a mixed breed, an impure breed, and that's not my son."

Kaden’s parents met with the school’s administration and the matter is reportedly being investigated. There has been no comment from the teacher so far.

Brown, meanwhile, uploaded at least two videos from the meeting with the principal, including one where the child recounts the whole story:

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