‘Alt-Right’ Fliers At UMich Warn White Women Not To Date Black Men

The hate-filled leaflets had sections that said black men were “more likely to abuse you” and have STDs and that “your kids probably wouldn’t be smart.”



Students at the University of Michigan found racially charged fliers this week posted on the campus halls, igniting harsh criticism from students and staff alike.

The posters were labeled with the logo “Alt-Right,” the symbol associated with white supremacist think tank, National Policy Institute and were obviously used to add fuel to the same old white supremacist fears that have been in place since the days of slavery.

One of the leaflets argued about “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men” and had sections titled, “He’s more likely to abuse you,” “starts with brutal rape; gets much worse,” “Your kids probably wouldn’t be smart” and “He’s much more likely to have STD.”

Another poster featured a STOP! Sign and urged “Euro-Americans” to stop “apologizing,” “living in fear” and “denying your heritage.”

All of the above claims are extremely dubious at best. There is no truth to the age-old claim by white researchers that people of African descent have less mental capabilities than white men and real scientists have time and again debunked these myths. The gap in education between blacks and whites is believed to be due to shortage of funding in black-majority schools and the persistent disparities in the American education system.

The poster also points out instances of violence by black men on white women. However, statistics show a huge majority of murders are committed within the person’s own racial group.

Predictably, the fliers have generated a lot of backlash.





University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel has since released a statement on the university’s website stating, “Messages of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination have no place at the University of Michigan.”

Andrew Martin, the dean of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science and the Arts, also posted a statement Monday, which read in part: “We stand with University President Mark Schlissel and university leaders in condemning the racist posters and fliers spread on campus today. We stand in solidarity, especially, with our students who feel under threat, frustrated, demoralized, angry and saddened.”

The fliers have since been taken down by a student.

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