Microsoft Tried To Be Hip, Emailed 'Bae' Interns To Have 'Dranks'

A Microsoft recruiter used modern slang terms to invite interns to an exclusive get together at the company's San Francisco office.

Employees should always conduct themselves in a professional manner, virtually and in person in the workplace.

A Microsoft recruiter recently steered away from having a professional demeanor in the office by inviting interns to an “Internapalooza” party and used poor word choices in her email, according to Consumerist.

Kim, the Microsoft University Recruiter, wrote in her mass email, “Hey bae intern,” and “there will be hella noms, lots of dranks.”

To translate, “bae” is a term of endearment, “noms” refers to food and “dranks” is drinks.

A company spokesperson apologized for the recruiter’s email and told Gizmodo, “The email was poorly worded and not in keeping with our values as a company. We are looking into how this occurred and will take appropriate steps to address it.”

It is understandable if the recruiter was attempting to relate to the millennial interns through her lingo.

Yet, there is a time and place for that language and the professional workplace is not one of them. 

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