Sixth-Grader Shamed For Wearing Skirt Teacher Said Was For ‘Clubbing’

The sixth-grader now joins the legion of young women who have been reprimanded and removed from their schools because of their choice of apparel.

12-year-old Reese Franyo became a source of controversy at Moultrie Middle School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, when her perfectly innocuous skirt was deemed too short for school.

Reese’s mother, Suzie Webster, shared a photo of the girl dressed in a denim skirt along with a detailed explanation of what happened to her daughter at school.

Reese was pulled out of class by a teacher who then told her in front of other students to replace her skirt because it looked like she was dressed for “clubbing.”

Her mother was understandably enraged by the comments and said in a Facebook post:

“What? I don't know too many women who wear a boxy T-shirt and an A-line preppy denim skirt to go clubbing," Webster wrote.

Ironically, when Webster came to school with a change of clothes and was asked to measure her daughter’s skirt, she found it to be exactly five inches above the knee — and hence, within the school’s hemline rules. Aside from that, Reese had already worn the same skirt many times before to school without any issues.

The principal did allow Reese to continue wearing her skirt, however, after the humiliation, she asked to change into pants and told him “she would not wear the skirt again.”

However, there’s more.

The principal told Webster it was more important to check what girls were wearing because “boys at this age get very distracted by the girls and their appearance.”

"So in order to control this, they needed to make sure the skirts were long enough, etc. So my daughter was embarrassed, humiliated in front of her peers and made to feel like a bad girl because boys can't control their dirty thoughts,” write Webster.

“I understand there has to be a line, but shouldn’t the emphasis be on teaching our sons to be gentlemen and focus on their school work, not how much skin our daughters are showing?” she added.

This is just one of the numerous incidents where “boys getting distracted” is being given as an excuse to remove girls from classes.

Earlier this year, 17-year-old Amanda Durbin, was forced to get to her knees to measure her hemline, even though her clothes were modest enough to “wear to church.”

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