8 Migrants Suffocate To Death Trying To Cross Mediterranean In A Truck

Eight migrants, including six children, died in a shipping lorry inside a refrigerator designed to transport fish and meat.


Scores of migrants are injured, dozens are missing, and a few lost their lives while attempting to escape the Mediterranean Sea.

Eight migrants who tried escaping the Mediterranean died inside a refrigerator designed to transport meat and fish. These migrants suffocated to death from the petrol fumes as they were packed inside a shipping container on Libya's western coast.


According to the Libyan Navy, the six children, one man and one woman who died, were a part of a group of 100 migrants who suffered in the container because of a lack of oxygen. They were sent to a local hospital along with some 90 other migrant who were in the container, but could not survive, said the security directorate in the town of Zuwarah.

The migrants who encountered such a tragic end belonged to various sub-Saharan African and Arab countries as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh, the statement said.

“As a result of the length of time they suffocated, eight of them died including six children, one woman and a young man,” the security directorate said.

Libya is used by many asylum seekers as the main point of departure while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea and enter Europe to seek refuge. The western coastal city of Zuwara is the most preferred point for smugglers and traffickers who send off migrants in boats in hopes of entering Europe via Zuwara.

The migrants were carrying life-jackets that were apparently supposed to be used during the boat crossing.  More than 3,000 migrants died fatally while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Hani Amara

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