Mike Pence Parrots Trump's Most Odious Plan Now That He's The VP Nom

Backtracking on his previous statement, Indiana governor is now aligning with Donald Trump's immigration proposal.

Donald Trump

In another country, the prerequisite for becoming a vice president would probably be effectiveness, a deep insight on international affairs and an ability to dissect issues logically.

But if you are going to be the right hand man for Donald Trump, you will have to be as big a bigot as him.

After Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was announced as the business mogul's pick for vice president, he decided that the only way he and Trump could be a team is if he emulated him in every way possible. 

Pence, on Friday, showed support for the Republican hate-monger's notorious proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country.

“I am very supportive of Donald Trump’s call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorists represent a threat to the United States,” Pence said in conversation with CNN's Sean Hannity.

“Donald Trump is right in calling for a temporary suspension [of refugees] from countries that have been compromised by terrorist influence,” he continued. “There’s no question it’s the right view.”

He reminded Hannity that Obama had temporarily suspended the Iraqi refugee program in 2009 when two Iraqi refugees were found to be plotting an attack in Kentucky.

He also reiterated Trump's opinion that ISIS was using the refugee crises to infiltrate the U.S.

These statements are in stark contrast to Pence's stance earlier.

Although lamentable, it is not surprising that Trump would choose a running mate who backtracks on his views and abandons hisprinciples when promised political mileage.

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