There May Be Another Pence In Congress And It Could Be Disastrous

Greg Pence has won the Republican primary for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District — and his views are much like the Pence in the White House.


Horror, horror, horror. Another Pence may be coming to Congress.

Greg Pence won the Republican primary election for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District on Tuesday — a seat his younger brother, the one and only Mike Pence, held for over a decade, according to the Associated Press.

The 61-year-old Pence has no prior political experience. He, instead, is a businessman who owns two antique malls and worked previously for the oil industry. However, he was easily able to win the primary in the deeply red state because of his famous younger brother and his vocal support for President Donald Trump. He also was able to raise about $1.2 million for his race, making his campaign the most expensive among Indiana’s congressional districts. Some portion of the money came from the Great American Committee, a super PAC created by Mike Pence to further Trump’s agenda.


Jonathan Lamb, his closest GOP rival, has accused Pence of relying on his connections to the White House. He also said he had difficulty identifying where Pence stands on certain issues, due to his penchant of avoiding debates.

“No amount of money in the world can buy the name ID that Pence has,” Lamb told The New York Times in April. “But with name ID, you step on toes. People don’t want to see this dynasty, like the Kennedys and Bushes.”

However, Pence’s website — which does not mention his vice president brother — states “staunch supporter of the Trump-Pence agenda and will fight alongside the President to Make America Great Again. Greg Pence will ensure Indiana’s Sixth District continues its strong tradition of leadership in Congress.”

In most regards, Pence is much like his brother.

The former Marine described himself as “an unwavering pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and faith-driven conservative whose roots in the Sixth District date back nearly 60 years.” He apparently also has very good relations with his brother.

“I love my brother Michael and there is no daylight on issues between him and me,” Pence said of the vice president to The Indianapolis Star. During his campaign run, Pence courted his brother’s followers, saying in one of his promotional ads, “I think what we have seen in this country — knocking other people’s values, how they practice, how they want to serve God — I’ve always had a real problem with that.”

Pence’s agenda echoes that of his brother and he believes in securing U.S. borders and of course, replacing Obamacare. In a Facebook post in April, Pence expressed his support for Trump’s biggest agenda, building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We need to build the wall and prevent the flow of illegal drugs, illegal immigrants and those who pose a danger to our country,” wrote Pence.

He has also bashed the Affordable Care Act as an “attack on the middle class” in his campaign videos.

“Obamacare is no good. It’s shot, it’s broke, it’s not working,” Pence said. “[The] Trump-Pence administration tried to do something — Congress didn’t help them. I want to help them.”

Pence has also advocated for less stricter gun control and advocated for tax cuts.

People are worried that if Greg Pence indeed gets elected to serve in the Congress, they’ll have Mike Pence 2.0 on their hands.





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