Did Mike Pence Just Call Donald Trump His ‘Opponent’? Oh Yes, He Did

The Republican vice presidential candidate made a Freudian slip while discussing all the allegations against his running mate, Donald Trump.

In one of the most hilarious (read: ironic) blunders of this election season, GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence just referred to his running mate, Donald Trump, as his “opponent.”

During an interview on MSNBC's “11th Hour,” the Indiana governor was defending the Republican presidential nominee against sexual assault accusations when he quipped that media is ignoring the corrupt allegations against Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

That’s when he made the Freudian slip up.

“It’s truly remarkable to me that unsubstantiated allegations against my opponent have gotten so much media attention,” Pence told Brian Williams in a reference to media mogul.

Pence then went on to talk about the “avalanche” of “documented, hard evidence” against the former secretary of state. He also accused her of “providing preference to friends of the Clintons for contracts to rebuild Haiti.”

The internet was quick to notice his choice of words.



Watch the gaffe in the video above.

In the same interview, Pence also suggested that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would hold onto his role under a Trump administration — just weeks after the White House hopeful implied that Ryan “maybe wouldn't be there” if he is elected president. (Of course, the president has no role in picking the speaker of the House, though how the government operates isn't a strong point for the Trump-Pence ticket.)

“We look forward to working with Paul Ryan,” the governor said. “Paul Ryan is my friend — we've been friends for more than 15 years. I hold him in very high regard, and frankly, I'm grateful for his leadership in the House of Representatives.”

This is not the first time Pence’s feeling towards the part nominee has been painfully clear.

During a Fox News interview, he could not hold back a chuckle when the host asked him about Trump’s overzealous prediction to gain 95 percent of the black vote by 2020.

“Well, that’s Donald Trump,” he told Ainsley Earhardt at the time.

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