Mike Pence Does Not Dine With Women Without His Wife. It’s Problematic

Mike Pence, the second-in-command of the entire country, won’t eat alone with women unless his wife is by his side. It’s not cute, it’s incredibly sexist.

Vice President Mike Pence may have no qualms about taking health care away from women, but he definitely has a huge problem when it comes to dining alone with them.

Pence has maintained a low profile ever since assuming the office, which isn’t surprising considering all the crazy antics President Donald Trump and some of the other members of the new administration have managed to pull only in few weeks following the inauguration.

Although Pence has successfully avoided attracting much criticism (compared to his peers), a recent in-depth profile on his wife, Karen Pence, forced people to take a step back and evaluate the ideology and principles of the man who just happens to be second-of-command of the entire country in an entirely new light.

The bit from The Washington Post interview drawing the most attention is that former Indiana governor apparently never eats alone with a woman — unless it is his wife, of course.

Moreover, he also does not attend events that serve alcohol without his wife by his side.

If Pence were a small town man trying to keep his marriage intact by avoiding spending time alone with women that are not his wife, it would be somewhat romantic, but the thing is, Pence is not a small town man — he is the second most important person in the United States. He is the vice president, aka the person who is supposed to run the country alongside a former reality TV star with no political or military experience.

The Pences, who have been married for 32 years, are devout Evangelical Christians, so some might say this behavior is not strange at all. In fact, there is a thing called the “Billy Graham Rule,” made popular by the Rev. Billy Graham back in 1948, that instructs Evangelical men not to meet, travel or dine with a woman alone to avoid conditions that might lead to any extramarital dalliances.

It is a religious matter and Pence, like all other Americans, has a right to live his life the way he wants. However, the fact that he is an important government figure who will not eat alone with female staffers, fellow female politicians, or even with other female world leaders in male-dominated world of politics is a huge problem.

It is 2017, for crying out loud.

To put it simply, it is a sexist rule that is all about objectifying women.

Does Pence only see women as temptresses?

Mike Pence

Not only does this rule say a lot about how the vice president views women, but also subsequently harms the professional opportunities afforded to women in D.C., where most female employees already struggle to advance their career since it’s mostly their male colleagues who are allowed one-on-one time with bosses.

A 2015 National Journal survey found some offices do not allow women to be alone with their male supervisors.

However, some people found Pence’s “won’t dine alone with women” bit endearing.




Some people were somewhat OK with it:



However, there were also A LOT of serious concerns:






Mother Jones editor-in-chief, Clara Jeffery, also took to Twitter to comment on the matter:









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