Mike Pence Dumped His College Fiancée After Claiming She Was A Sinner

“His faith led him to reject some friends and even regard his fiancée, Karen, as a sinner whom he would have to forgive in order to marry.”

Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence, who is the second-in-command after President Donald Trump and thinks that god wants him to be the next president reportedly, once dumped his college fiancée because according to him, she was a sinner.

The woman in question is Karen Pence who is now married to the VP.

According to a new CNN profile, the Catholic Democrat used to be a normal person until he became incredibly radical in college. He was a choir boy at the Hanover College – the place where he got all his radicalized Christian beliefs from.

After turning into a really conservative and judgmental person, the now vice president turned in his fraternity brothers for buying a keg of beer.

“Eventually his faith led him to reject some friends and even regard his fiancée, Karen, as a sinner whom he would have to forgive in order to marry,” the report stated.  “These habits of mind, later revealed in his hostility to equality for gay people and even climate science, were formed when he was barely an adult.”

 According to Pence’s classmates he was really rude and a “cruel” Christian who had cut ties with many of his former friends, all thanks to his judgmental attitude. 

“He was rigid, condescending and exclusionary,” said classmate Linda Koon in an interview. “You had to fit into his little pocket of Christianity, and I didn’t fit.”

 “He acted like he had been struck by lightning,” Koons said. “I had just grown up in the Lutheran Church and had always been a Christian. That wasn’t good enough. He told me that wasn’t good enough, ‘God doesn’t want your kind.’ It was a very narrow view of an infinite being.”

Pence also reportedly humiliated a gay person. The classmate considered Pence as his mentor and so the former decided to tell the latter about his sexuality. But Pence shamed him for his choice.

“I went to him because I respected him. Mike told me that who I was was an abomination, and that I had to change. He also stopped being my friend,” said the man who wanted to stay anonymous.

He even had a problem with his then college fiancée, who is now his wife. 

“He told me that he needed to forgive her because she had been married before and wasn’t a virgin,” the source said. “It had taken a while for him to get there, but he had forgiven her. He couldn’t forgive me in the same way and it was a long time before I came out to anyone else.”

Things haven’t changed much; Pence still strongly opposes LGBTQ rights. He is a strong anti-abortion campaigner, who does not have any regard for women’s reproductive rights. Moreover, according to a Washington Post report, the former Indiana governor apparently never eats alone with a woman — unless it is his wife.

Both of them are devout Evangelical Christians, however, Pence is also an important government figure in the Trump administration.

His choice of not eating with fellow female politicians, or even with other female world leaders in the male-dominated world of politics, is a huge problem.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Eduardo Munoz

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