‘Go Back To Tokyo!’ Mike Pence Fan Rants At Asian Diners

“I wasn’t being racist. I just told them to go back to Tokyo,” said the xenophobic man when someone confronted him about his prejudice.


A supporter of Vice President-elect Mike Pence faces a court hearing next month after he verbally abused two Asian women at a diner and pepper-sprayed a bystander.

Frank Camino, 56, is expected to appear in court on Dec. 19 after he was arrested for calling two Chinese-American women who were eating at a Manhattan diner, “cu**s” and “whores” and told them to “go back to Tokyo” — and then pepper sprayed a man who spoke out in the women’s defense.

Sally Wen Mao, 29, an Asian-American studies educator for The City University of New York, said the man entered Lower East Side Coffee Shop on 14th Street in New York where she and her friend Jen were eating well after midnight on Nov. 20.

“When I was at the diner with my friend, we were talking directly about xenophobia in America and white male rage and how much it impacts us, our sense of humanity,” said Mao.

She recounted the incident through her Twitter page.



Mao told him to lower his volume when he started loudly complaining about the “disgusting” and “racist” cast of Broadway’s “Hamilton” and the audience who booed Pence Friday night.



However, he turned even more aggressive and even after the women switched tables to get away from him, he continued with his rant and hurled misogynist, racist slurs at them.

Mao, at the end of her endurance, got up and splashed water on his face.



Camino threatened he would have the two women arrested, called 911 and blocked the entrance so they couldn’t leave, according to Mic’s reporter Marie Solis.

The police soon arrived and took statements from those involved. The two women were allowed to leave but when the officers were about to go, another man approached Camino and told him, “I don’t tolerate racism.”

“I wasn’t being racist,” Camino insisted. “I just told them to go back to Tokyo.” Camino then suddenly went berserk, took out a can of mace from his pocket and sprayed it directly into the eyes of the customer.

Solis quickly ran out to alert the police of this new development and the man was arrested on charges of attempted assault, assault with intent to cause physical injury, recklessly causing injury, which are all misdemeanors as well as harassment in the second degree, reported the Gothamist.

Mao also complained about the attitude of the store manager, who did not come to their rescue or ask the racist man to leave.


Mao said she did not expect the overwhelming support she got when she posted her ordeal on Twitter and stated she was concerned for the man who got maced and reportedly had to spend some time in hospital.

“The fact is that someone stood up against racism and ended up getting physically assaulted,” she said. “That's the part that really most traumatized me. That our ally, this man who showed some decency, was the one who got hurt.”

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