Mike Pence Gets A Haircut From A Barber Who Has No Idea Who He Is

The Indiana governor visited a black barbershop in Pennsylvania and proved that he is not recognizable anywhere outside of his home state.

In the midst of all the campaign hullaballoo, Donald Trump’s running mate and Indiana’s governor Mike Pence stopped for a trim at Jones Barber and Hairstyles in Norristown, Pennsylvania — and for some absurd reason, the media decided to come along and film the entire thing.

CNN streamed 20 minutes of awkward silence and uncomfortable small talk on Facebook Live, as Pence got a haircut from shop owner Henry Jones, who has been cutting hair for over 40 years. After a few minutes, the vice presidential candidate looked into a mirror and declared it a “great haircut, perfect.” Then, he applauded the barber and walked behind the chair to shake his hand.

It was all extremely mundane, but then this happened.

“It’s been a pleasure, young man,” Jones told Pence, before asking, “Now, your name was…?”

“Mike Pence. I'm the governor of Indiana, and I'm running for vice president of the United States,” replied Pence, formally introducing himself as Republican presidential nominee’s running mate.

The governor’s answer prompted surprise from the previously unsuspecting barber, who just would not say if he supported Trump.

While this incident proved that barely anyone outside of Indiana recognizes Pence, interestingly, it was also the second consecutive haircut Pence has sought from a black barber.

Moreover, since it comes at a time when the Trump campaign is trying hard to reach out to the black community, the entire thing seems like a pandering attempt toward African-American voters more than anything else.

The Trump/Pence ticket has the support of 1 percent of black voters, polls show.

However, earlier this week, the governor could not hold back a chuckle over Donald Trump’s overzealous prediction to gain 95 percent of the black vote by 2020.

“Well, that’s Donald Trump,” Pence said with a laugh when asked about the GOP presidential hopeful’s statement.

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