Mike Pence Wants To Be The President, Claims Biographer

“He thought God was calling him to, now, be vice president and function as a president-in-waiting,” said the author of the book, “The Truth About Trump.”

One of the members of President Donald Trump’s administration thinks God wants him to become the president – and no – that person is not Trump.

It is none other than POTUS’ appointed Vice President Mike Pence.

According to the author of the book, “The Truth About Trump,” Pence believes God is “calling him” to “function as a president-in-waiting.”

“Absolutely everything Mike Pence does is oriented toward him becoming president,” said Michael D’Antonio in an interview on CNN. “His decision to accept Donald Trump’s offer to be his running mate—it even goes back much further,” claimed the author. “By the time he had left high school, he had decided that he was going to be president of the United States. ... He thought God was calling him to, now, be vice president and function as a president-in-waiting.”

Apart from D’Antonio, many people thought Pence was upping his game to become the president after he launched a political action committee at a time when the Trump’s administration is embroiled in chaos and turmoil.

“He established a PAC before any vice president did. His infrastructure for running for office is complete,” D’Antonio explained. “So, should Trump stumble, should he decide not to run again, Pence 2020 would be an automatic thing.”

With this new PAC, Pence might be hinting towards a presidential bid in the future.

However, a White House source claimed the author’s assertion were bogus.

“The vice president has a leadership PAC, much like Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell,” the source explained. “Legally, this could never be turned into a vehicle (i.e. Super PAC or other campaign vehicle) to run for President. So the assertion is totally ungrounded.”

Only time will tell if God actually wanted Pence  to become the next president of America.

Pence is a strong anti-abortion campaigner, not only does he have no regard for women’s reproductive rights, he also has no regard for the LGBT community. The vice president has been outspoken against gay marriage and even tried to put gay couples who applied for a marriage license in jail. He tried to make it legal for businesses to discriminate against LGBT employees also.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Chris Wattie

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