Pompeo Thinks Kim Jong Un Will Denuclearize To Save Face After Summit

The North Korean despot has signed a vague contract with a promise to denuclearize, however, shared no details of how he plans to commit to it.

President Donald Trump recently met with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un in a historic summit in Singapore, with the intention of getting the latter to sign in on a deal for complete denuclearization.

Despite contrary claims from the U.S. president, the contract signed between the two leaders, was disappointingly vague, with no specific information about how the course of North Korea’s denuclearization would take place.

During a cabinet meeting, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked how the United States can be sure Kim would follow through with his promise to denuclearize his answer was just as unconvincing as the contract signed over the issue.

“He made a personal commitment,” Pompeo said, referring to the North Korean despot. “He has his reputation on the line in the same way that we do, that says ‘we’re going to create a brighter future for North Korea and we’re going to denuclearize just as quickly as we can achieve that.'”

Pompeo’s boss also seemed rather nonchalant about Kim’s ability to go back on his promise and used the meeting to tout his summit a success.

“The document we signed, if people actually read it to the public, you’d see, ‘Number one statement, we would immediately begin total denuclearization of North Korea,'” Trump said. “Nobody thought that would be possible. If you remember a year and a half ago… everybody was talking about, ‘there’s going to be a war, there’s going to be a war with North Korea.'”

Ever since the meeting, Trump has hailed himself victorious for “taming” the North Korean leader. However, there is one huge problem: Kim has not actually agreed to any process of denuclearization and could go back on his word, as easily as he agreed to it.

Trump, however, in return of the exceedingly vague agreement, has sang praises of one of the most brutal dictators in the world, calling him “a tough guy” for thousands of indiscriminate killings in his regime.

Not only that, North Korea is also complicit in the killing of American student Otto Warmbier, who was arrested in the reclusive state for taking down a propaganda poster.

Warmbier died soon after he was brought back to the U.S., succumbing to his exceedingly worsening health condition.

Trump, in fact, bizarrely said the summit would not have been possible without Warmbier’s death.

Apart from the death of the American student, Kim controls his own regime with viciousness, causing massive human rights’ violations.

Both Trump and Pompeo have failed to address these atrocities by the North Korean despot and as far as Pompeo’s belief of Kim fulfilling his promise of denuclearization, over fears of tarnishing his “reputation,” history shows the U.S. State Secretary would be wise not to hold his breath.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: REUTERS/Leah Millis

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