Israeli Company Swarmed With Orders Of Bullet-Proof Schoolbags

The Israeli company that makes bulletproof schoolbags said it had to increase its production to keep up with the plethora of orders from the U.S.


In the wake of the tragic school shootings that plagued the country this year, an Israeli company that makes bullet-proof backpacks received many orders soon after the new school term started.

According to the company, Masada Armour, they now have to increase their scale of production after orders for bullet-proof school bags poured in from the United States.

“In two months we have sold hundreds and are gearing up to increase production rates to 500 units per month,” said chief executive Snir Koren.

The bag is worth about $700, but the price isn’t a matter of concerns for the parents anymore who are naturally really worried about the safety of their school-going kids.

The bag reportedly weighs five kilograms and has the ability to withstand bullets fired from high-velocity rifles, including the AK-47, AR-15, and M-16. The company said it can design even stronger backpack by adding ballistic hard plates.

However, the weight of the bag is a barrier for younger children, who won’t be able to carry such a heavy backpack. So now the company is thinking of making a new range of lightweight bullet-proof bags for the younger kids. “We are developing a lighter model for their type of morphology,” said Snir.

The requests for these schoolbags increased after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she would allow federal funds to be used to purchase guns for protecting schools. She supported the idea of “arming teachers” after getting trained.

She naturally didn’t take into account the fact that sometimes it’s the teachers who terrorize the children. After the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, authorities in Dalton, Georgia, arrested a high school teacher after he reportedly barricaded himself inside a classroom and fired his gun inside the school, sending the students in frenzy as they started running for safety from what they probably feared was another mass shooting.

It is pertinent to note that the sale of these bullet-proof school bags soared high after DeVos decided to move forward with her awful plan of arming teachers. Arming teachers does not guarantee any safety; if anything, it can lead to more tragedy.

Parents and people across the country have repeatedly asked lawmakers to do more about gun control. However, the lawmakers have only failed them, leaving them with no other option but to go to extreme lengths and armor their children with bullet-proof bags to avoid any kind of unforeseen situation, including guns.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Ahmad Gharabli, AFP, Getty Images

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