Trump's Approval Rating Hits New Low Among Millennials

Millennials are losing confidence in their world leader. Congress and President Donald Trump's approval ratings have fallen further, according to a recent poll.

The youth vote is what helped former President Barack Obama secure a second term against Mitt Romney by at least 67 percent in 2012. Now, it looks as though President Donald Trump will not have the same luck as his approval rating among young people has fallen into an abyss.

According to a Newsweek report, a new poll suggests that millennials are not too keen on how Congress and Trump are doing their jobs and think that America is going down the wrong path. 

In the poll, conducted between Jan. 3 and 16 by NBC/GenForward, 63 percent of millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 said they do not approve of Trump, with 46 percent saying they strongly disapprove. Trump only received a 19 percent positive approval rating from the generation.

Millennials are watching and paying close attention, and it's worth noting that the poll was conducted during the government shutdown and talks about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that is set to expire in March. Currently, young people are not impressed with the way the Republican Party is handling things, but they're not too sold on the Democratic Party, either. According to Newsweek, they're split between the Democrats but favor them more than Republicans.

It's similar to choosing between Hillary Clinton, who labeled African-American youth as "super-predators," and Trump, who has a slew of insults toward different races under his belt. So, we get it; it's hard to choose sometimes. But 71 percent of millennials are more driven by stances on issues than personal qualities, which will be tough for Trump since it's difficult for him to make good decisions.

Yet it's highly unlikely for the young voters' support to go to a Republican for the 2018 midterm, as half plan to vote for a Democratic candidate while the final quarter of voters plan to not vote. 

Taking no action at all is part of the reason why Trump became president in the first place, so it is imperative that this pattern does not roll into the next presidential election. 

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