Millennials Name The Top 10 Most Significant Moments Of Their Lifetime

These are most important events, according to the millennials, that had the greatest impact on the United States during their lifetimes.

A recent survey asked over 2,000 adult Americans about the historic events that had the greatest impact on the country and shaped their lifetimes. They could only rank the event that took place during their lifetimes and played an important part in reshaping the world as they knew it.

The participants all belonged to different ethnicities, races, religions, political parties, age groups and education and income levels. However, interestingly, they all seemed to agree (more or less) on one particular event in the recent history that, without a doubt, changed almost everything: the 9/11 terror attacks.

Among the list of top 10 significant historic events as listed by the millennials, the Washington, D.C.-based Pew Research Center concluded that President Barack Obama’s election came in second after 9/11.

However, the study also claimed that white and black Americans view history rather differently from each other. For instance, an event deemed most important by one group may come as the second choice for the other — and vice versa.

Find out more in the video above.

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