Even Conservatives Were Bothered By Miller's Statue Of Liberty Remarks

People aren't letting go of what White House adviser Stephen Miller had to say to CNN's Jim Acosta Wednesday, and the criticism just keeps pouring in.

Stephen Miller holding on to a briefcase as he enters an elevator.

Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller may have believed his remarks were quite spot on as he bashed CNN's Jim Acosta during Wednesday's press briefing. Unfortunately for him, Americans had a very different idea.

Even conservatives like Fox News host Eric Bolling took the time to criticize Miller, saying that President Donald Trump's White House should never “put that guy in front of the cameras again.”

Bolling, who was actually defending Trump's newly announced plan to restrict legal immigration and focus on “merit-based” policies, said that Miller is ruining the conservative agenda with his off-the-wall remarks.

But on social media, others were more keen on pointing out the callous nature of Miller's comments and how they contradict America's “melting pot” tradition.

On Twitter, the creator of "House of Cards," Beau Willimon, reminded Miller that the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty was added in 1903, a year that should ring a bell to the adviser.

Rep. Ted Lieu, a California Democrat, called Miller's remarks un-American.

And Steven Goldstein, the executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, also had a few harsh words for the political adviser.

"Stephen Miller has turned himself simultaneously into a Statue of Arrogance and a National Monument of Ignorance," Goldstein said in the statement. "His subpar knowledge of American history, as reflected in Emma Lazarus' poem, means he couldn't pass [Trump's] new immigration test."

He closed his statement with, "Therefore, Stephen, please leave."

Many others on the social media network also had a thing or two to say, all expressing how disturbed they were by Miller's lack of sensibility.

Whether you agree or disagree with Miller's views, we can all agree on at least one thing: The Trump administration needs to revamp their communications department because their current strategy is clearly not working. 

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