Heart-Stopping Bodycam Footage Shows Cops Save Teens From Fiery Crash

Two police officers in Milwaukee were on routine patrol when they witnessed a car crash. The footage of them rescuing two teens has since gone viral.

Bodycam footage from the Milwaukee Police Department shows how two officers, dubbed the “Nick Squad,” helped rescue two teenagers from a burning vehicle on the city’s northwest side this week.

Officers Nicholas Schlei and Nicholas Reid were on routine patrol Tuesday night when they happened upon a car that had been in an accident. According to NBC 15 in Madison, the vehicle had struck a utility pole and flipped upside down.

The officers actually saw the accident take place.

“Obviously, it's a shock to anyone,” Reid said. “Immediately, we knew the car was on fire.”

The video of the event demonstrates how the two officers responded heroically to the accident. While taking great care to note where oil or gas may have spilled, the officers helped the teenagers out of the vehicle, all while warning others passing by about the danger they were in as well, shouting to them to get out of the way as the car was inflamed.

“The flames, by the time I got out there, were too big for a fire extinguisher,” Reid added. “We knew that we had to get those kids out.”

Their bravery did not go unnoticed. In addition to the media attention, the two officers will be nominated for a Milwaukee Police Department Merit Award.

But the two “Nicks,” both only 23 years old, say that it’s not about the recognition and that officers across America are out there doing their jobs, just like they were.

“All over the United States they do stuff like this every day. That aren't recognized and stories aren't told,” Reid added.

There are officers across the United States, of course, who do not exemplify the heroics that these two officers have shown. By and large, however, law enforcement officers are out there risking their lives daily to protect the people in their jurisdictions, and to do their very best to help those in need when called upon.

The “Nick Squad” is humble, yet their actions are still commendable, and very deserving of the recognition they are getting. The two teens they rescued are safe because of them, and the city of Milwaukee is a better place because of officers who emulate their same call to serve.

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