Life Changes For Minnesota Homeless Man After He Asks For Change

A young lady’s act of kindness has taken the Internet by storm, teaching people a subtle lesson that one should help the less privileged whenever they can.


He came in to the cafe one day asking me for some $$. I looked at him and asked him "why don't you have a job, you know...

Posted by Cesi Abi on  Friday, 25 March 2016


In a heart-warming Facebook post, a young Minnesota business owner related an incident where a homeless man came by her café asking for money to spare.

25-year-old Cesia Abigail asked the man, Marcus, why he’d been living on the street. He explained he had a criminal record so nobody would hire him. Therefore, he had no other option but to steal or beg.

The young lady, who was struck by the man’s plight, did not give him money, but offered him a job instead, thereby finding a permanent solution to deal with his financial problems.

Interestingly, Marcus chooses to buy food from the same café from his hard-earned money rather than eat it for free, since it makes him feel good and independent. However, Abigail makes sure he gets a discount.

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“Do something nice for someone today and don't judge them just because they out there asking for money for we don’t know their situation... some deserve another shot. God gave me this blessing so why can't I bless others?” she wrote in the Facebook post which now has more than 36,000 shares and around 118,000 likes.

Speaking to CBS News, Abigail revealed that on the first day, when she gave Marcus a sandwich, he gave away half of it to another homeless woman on the street, before eating any of it himself.

The ripple effect of Abigail's good deed and Marcus' hard work to improve his life is sure to continue through such actions. 

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