GOP Official Reveals She’s Been Called ‘Chink’ By Her Own Party

Jennifer Carnahan, the chairwoman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, said that several of her own colleagues have made disparaging remarks against her race.

Jennifer Carnahan, who serves as the chairwoman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, recently disclosed on Facebook that she’s been subjected to racist remarks due to her Asian heritage.

Carnahan, born in South Korea and adopted by her parents in Minnesota, shared on Friday that members of her own party often derided her heritage, openly engaging in derogatory remarks based on her race.

“Some (sadly) Republican Party leaders/executive committee members around this state have made racist comments about me, and to me — calling me ‘dragon lady, a ch*nk, a stupid Asian not even born in America’ and other awful racial slurs,” she wrote.

Some of those remarks were “starting to get to me,” she added, but she persevered through it all due to words from her father. He taught her to “always be polite and respectful to others, no matter what they say to me,” she explained. Carnahan chose not to reveal who had made the alleged comments.

The racism against Carnahan extended outside of the Republican Party officials speaking to her, and came from conservative citizens as well. At a rally for President Donald Trump last weekend, for instance, a presumed supporter of the president called her “disgusting.”

Amazingly, Carnahan doesn’t fault Trump for the rise in hostility. She said she doesn’t believe Trump himself is racist, or “stoking racial divisions.”

It’s unfortunate that Carnahan has endured the racism she’s dealt with so far. Many people may disagree with her, however, on that last point: Trump’s history of racist statements and actions have been well-documented, and more racist incidents (including hate crimes against minorities) occurred during Trump’s ascension to the presidency.

Regardless of whether Trump is to blame or not for the rise in racist behavior across America these past few years, members of Carnahan’s own party should have known better than to use such demeaning language around their colleague, or to harbor such hateful thoughts at all.

Carnahan was wise to come forward and acknowledge the existence of such bigotry — doing so exposes that the problem is real, which is a necessary first step to promote positive changes in the future.

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