Minnesota Mom Sues Her Transgender Child Over Gender Reassignment

Anmarie Calgaro says her teenager was able to begin gender reassignment processes after her parental rights were revoked -- but she wasn't aware it was happening.

A Minnesota woman, Anmarie Calgaro, is suing her 17-year-old transgender child who has opted for a gender reassignment surgery.

In a press conference, Calgaro burst into tears as she claimed she was completely unaware of the happenings of her child’s life. She has now filed civil rights lawsuit in a federal district court demanding that the court restores her 14th Amendment constitutional rights, which she says were violated when her parental rights were suddenly and arbitrarily removed.

Last year in June, her 16-year-old, who was born a male and is transitioning to female, used the assistance of Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, a nonprofit agency, to obtain a “notice of emancipation.” This allowed the teen to make all important physical, educational and emotional decisions on her own without the involvement of her parents. Calgaro remained unaware of this as her daughter was issued a driver’s license and county health services approved housing and other services.

The teen then began using private health services and gained access to hormonal drugs to undergo the gender transition. Calgaro remained in the dark throughout this process. Apparently, the teen was even prescribed narcotics from another health company.

While the mother has been denied the right to plead her case in court, her now 17-year-old is left on her own to make major decisions of her life and Calgaro is incensed.

Calgaro still uses male pronouns to refer to her child.

“As a mother, I know his emotional and physical needs in a way no one else can. I also have a commitment to him that no one else has and I feel not only was I robbed of the opportunity to help my son make good decisions but that he was also robbed of a key advocate in his life, his mother,” the lawsuit read.

The Minnesota Child Protection League is supporting Calgaro in her fight, as she begs for her parental rights to be restored so she can help her child in her physical and emotional struggles.

The lawsuit is fighting against a Minnesota law that allows for emancipated minor, children under 18 live apart from parents or legal guardians.

Court papers put forward by the teen and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid argue that Calgaro did not want to see her child or have anything to do with her. She allegedly did not even attempt to bring her back home, though she had been living away from her for six months and she knew where the teen was. However, the mother denies these claims and stands by her word that she received no court order of emancipation and wasn’t aware that her parental rights had been discontinued.

Attorney Erick Kaardal is representing the case in court as Calgaro demands a court order preventing any further medical care by the health providers. She is also seeking access to the teen’s school and medical records. The case brings to the forefront the battle between the rights of parents and those of their transgender children.

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