Minnesota Mom Posts Daughter’s Horrific Bullying In A Cry For Justice

A video of a horrifying gang assault on an underage girl in Minnesota has a desperate mother crying out for justice.

A Minnesota mom, desperate for justice, posted an appalling video of her daughter being brutally beaten by bullies on social media.

The appalling video shows two women pounding 15-year-old Sydney Detenancour while another woman cuts off her long locks. The vicious assault, which occurred in a wooded backyard in Saint Francis, Minnesota, happened all because Detenancour was seen riding in a car with the boyfriend of one of the attackers.

Cassandra Borden, 19, accused Detenancour of riding alone with her boyfriend, Seth Evans, and then snitching him to the police after he was arrested for drunken driving on June 16.

“What the f***, Cassy?” Detenancour cries out in protest as Borden starts pummeling her. “I didn’t say s*** to anybody!”

While Detenancour is on the ground, another woman, who turned out to be Evans' sister, straddles her and starts throwing punches to her head.

“Why is my brother back in jail?” she screams at Detenancour.

“Everyone f***** drinks and drives,” a man, who is identified as Borden’s brother, Justin Adler, says. “I wish I could hit you too, but I’m a guy.”

As Detenancour curls up on the ground, trying to keep her “face as normal-looking as possible,” a woman comes up to her and snips at her hair with a pair of scissors.

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Borden was turned in to the police by her father, Todd, who claims he “felt sick” after watching the brutal assault. She was charged with fifth-degree assault — which carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine — but quickly released by the police because “there were no broken bones that they know of and apparently a scissor is not a weapon,” according to Detenancour’s mother, Jennifer.

“They lured her out into the woods acting like they were just out for a walk. Then the camera comes on  clearly ready for what they knew was about to happen,” Jennifer wrote on her social media page after she heard of Borden’s disappointing charges. “I'm sick to my stomach even thinking this could happen, but it did, just last night....to My DAUGHTER!!!!”

Borden’s father expressed remorse for the incident and called for the authorities to hold the other accomplices accountable as well.

“She says ‘I blacked out, I don’t know, I got something wrong with me,’” Todd, who is a recovering addict himself, said.

He plans to take his daughter to a rehabilitation center in Minneapolis to treat her of her alcoholism.

Adler denies any knowledge that his sister was going to start hitting the girl.

“I mean, there were 12 people there. They could’ve stopped her too. Did they do that? No, they just sat around and watched,” the unrepentant 26-year-old said. “If they come after me, I’ll press charges too. I ain’t scared of anyone.”

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