Toddler Falls From 19th Floor, Saves Himself By Grabbing The Railing

A janitor who spotted the little boy dangling from the 18th floor’s balcony railing rushed to call security for help.


A 5-year-old boy in China miraculously survived after falling off the 19th floor.

The boy, identified by his nickname Xiaoming, was home alone. His grandmother had stepped out of her apartment after the boy fell asleep to go to the gym that was on the ground floor.

However, as soon as Xiaoming woke up at 6 a.m., he opened the window and went to the balcony in search of his grandma. That is when the toddler slipped through the gallery and fell from the 19th floor.

But miracles really do happen: the little boy fell from the 19th floor but luckily was able to grab hold of the balcony railings at the 18th floor. That is when a janitor spotted Xiaoming dangling from the railing and rushed to call security.

“I tried very hard not to scream - so I wouldn't startle the little boy,” said the janitor, Peng Changlian. “The boy then looked up and said: ‘Help me!’ I told him hang tight and immediately called for help,” she recalled.

Another man in the opposite building started filming the toddler and his rescue efforts.

Three security personnel and the neighbors rushed to the apartment but it was locked, so the security had to axe down the door. All of this was happening while the child kept holding the railing tightly as he kept looking down in fear.

The little boy was finally pulled back up to safety. Even though the child was rescued in eight minutes, he had been hanging for the building for more than 20 minutes, said the neighbors.

Thankfully, there were people around to help the little boy, saving him from what could have been a deadly tragedy.

Note to all the parents/guardians of children: Never leave your child unattended, especially if they are less than 12-years of age. Naturally all children tend to behave differently, however children under the age of 12 are generally less mature and can easily put themselves in a troublesome situations.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Pixabay, Mikelmania

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