4YO Braves Wolf-Infested Woods, Subzero Weather To Help Ailing Grandma

A young Siberian girl is being hailed as a hero after she walked in freezing temperatures through thick snow to save her grandmother.

In an attempt to save her dying grandmother, a 4-year-old Siberian girl braved subzero temperatures through a forest to find help.

Saglana Salchak lived in Tuva, a remote Russian village near the Mongolian border, more than 12 miles from the nearest village and five miles from their closest neighbor.

Saglana’s grandfather is blind and her mother and stepfather live separately in another part of the region looking after their own herd of horses.

But as the little girl’s 60-year-old grandmother’s health deteriorated, she decided to walk in freezing temperatures to find help and exposed herself to a forest that is home to wolves, bears and other large predators.

She began her journey in the early hours of the day with a box of matches in her pocket. During her journey the temperatures hit minus 34 degree but luckily she didn’t get stuck in the snow. It took her several hours to walk a few miles to reach her neighbors' house. The neighbors immediately spotted something was not right and called in the nearest medical facility. They trekked back home to check on the ailing grandmother but, unfortunately, she had passed away.


The little girl admitted that she had been cold during her journey and had really wanted to eat.

“I just walked, walked and got there,” she added.

Sanglana was admitted to a nearby hospital where she was being treated for general hypothermia. She soon recovered and now lives at a social center, where she just celebrated her fifth birthday.

Semyon Rubtsov, head of the regional search and rescue group added, “Tuva has simply filled up with wolves. They eat the livestock — the herders moan about them. She could have easily stumbled on a pack in the darkness.”

Saglana’s mother now faces a criminal case for leaving a minor in danger. She also faces investigation from childcare and custody services authorities, who want to know why the girl was left alone with her infirm relatives. If charged, she could face up to a year in prison.

“She knew that the elderly [grandparents] lacked the ability to take measures to guarantee the child’s safety,” read a press release by Tuva investigative committee.





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