Instead Of Body Size, Miss Peru Contestants Give Gender Violence Stats

Instead of reciting their measurements, Miss Peru participants gave out different stats on gender violence, raising awareness to Peru's brutal reality.


Translation: My name is Camila Cornicoba and my measurements are: 2,200 feminicides in my country.

Violence against women is a reality around the globe, and Miss contestants in Peru are doing their part to raise awareness.

Ever since the accusations of sexual harassment and abuse related to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced, countless other women — and men — came forward with their own stories. In other countries, beauty pageant contestants are using their platform to raise awareness to gender-based violence.

During Miss Peru 2018, instead of reciting their measurements, contestants decided to give out Peru’s gender-based violence statistics. 



In no time, tweets showing the contestants bravely looking at the audience as they recited the horrific numbers flooded the social media website.


By raising awareness to the somber reality Peruvian women face on a regular basis, these women helped to ignite the debate, which took its own form on Twitter with users pointing out to the fact that, it's 2017 and women are still asked to give out their measurements on live television.





These women have shown that raising awareness to violence against women is everybody's job.

Perhaps, if more people were to rise up and speak out against abuse, the pressure would drive governments to work on more policy research that tackles this problem directly.

Yet in America, we cannot expect meaningful reform on a federal level when the president himself has a history of abuse.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Antonio Parrinello

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